A Snapshot

I have always been the family photographer, the father, son or brother, who brings their camera to the event and takes the shots of our family's moments.  When I graduated, I realized that photography and fashion were my passions in life and I wanted to focus on them.  Since then, I have spent every day practicing the art of photography, whether it's in my studio or out in the world.  In my portfolio section, you will see where I combine my love for contemporary art with my photography skills.  I also believe you need to cherish the special moments in life and having the opportunity to capture those moments with photographs on my client's behalf gives me great pleasure.  I have had the privilege to capture special moments at events such at milestone birthdays, engagements, proms etc .  Capturing the precious moments of children is near to my heart as I have a young son and many young nephews and nieces who are not shy in front of the camera.  When they are together, I get to record their playtime, without interrupting it, just observing as they play until I find the right shot.  

If you are interested in capturing the precious moments in your life, please contact me directly so that we can talk further about your requirements.  I hope you enjoy looking through my photographs.

Email - info@jonathangardner.co.uk

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